The Stopnitzer Young Men’s Benevolent Association (aka SYMBA; aka Stopnitzer Benevolent Society) was founded by Jewish immigrants to the United States of America from Stopnica, Poland. The organization has an embossed seal with the name of the Association dated Oct. 1, 1905.

The Association’s original mission was to assist Jewish immigrants to the United States of America from the town of Stopnica, Poland. In keeping with Jewish religious practices and traditions, SYMBA also purchased for and provided burial plots to members of the Association. SYMBA still maintains and provides Jewish burial plots for qualified members-in-good-standing of the Association.

SYMBA’s ongoing mission is to offer assistance to immigrants from the town of Stopnica, Poland, their spouses, and their direct descendants and to maintain the Stopnitzer section of the Beth El Cemetery, 735 Forest Ave., Paramus, New Jersey. There is also an older cemetery plot that is now full at Mt.Zion Cemetery at 59-63 54th Ave, Maspeth, NY.

In addition, SYMBA is a philanthropic organization providing financial support to groups and organizations as determined by SYMBA’s membership. SYMBA has donated to the following organizations:

  • 3GNY – Descendants of Holocaust Survivors
  • Blue Card Fund (supports indigent Holocaust survivors)
  • Jewish National Fund
  • Gift of Life (maintains a bone marrow registry; Ezra Fineman a child member is in critical need of a transplant)
  • NA’AMAT (supports women and children in Israel)
  • HIAS (immigrant support)
  • Josh Link Foundation (supports students with learning disabilities)

Current Officers:
Israel E. Wachs, President
Esther Blatt, Secretary
Ralph Friedman, Membership Committee Chair
Abie Sussman, Cemetery Committee Chair
Stanley Shelofsky, Asst. Cemetery Committee Chair
Ellen Albin, Charitable Donations Committee Chair

Email: SYMBA.NYC@gmail.com
Facebook Group: Jews from Stopnica, Poland (Stopnitz)